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Project highlights

To provide mass transportation facility to citizens of Rajkot, planning for 63.50 km BRTS corridors was done, which includes round the city Blue corridor of (length 29.00 km), inside the city Red corridor joining East and West ends of (length 18.00 km) and Green corridor joining North and South ends of (length 16.50 km). In which Blue corridor was planned in three phases.

  • On 150 ft Ring Road from Gondal Circle to Jamnagar Road- 10.70 km
  • From Jamnagar Road Circle to Green Land Circle- 9.14 km
  • From Green Land Circle to Gondal Road Circle- 9.16 km

Further pilot Blue Corridor Phase- 1 project of cost Rs. 110 Crore was submitted by Rajkot Municipal Corporation under JnNURM to Govt. of India, which got sanctioned in July 2007.

From the above mentioned, the construction work of Blue Corridor Phase – 1 on 150' Ring Road is completed. After successful trial runs, on 1st Oct 2012, BRTS bus service opened for citizens of Rajkot which is 2nd BRTS in India in operation.

Implementing Agency

  • Rajkot Municipal Corporation (RMC)

Project Support

  • Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Government of India
  • Urban Development & Urban Housing Department, Government of Gujarat (UD & UHD)
  • Gujarat Urban Development Mission (GUDM)
  • Rajkot City Traffic Police
  • Regional Transport Office (RTO)

Project Management Consultants

  • Urban Mass Transit Company (UMTC)

Salient Features of Bridge Section

  • Construction of split fly over from Big Bazar to Reliance Mall.
  • Special BRTS (Paver Quality Concrete Road) width of @ 7 meters in center.
  • Carriage Way – MV Lane width of @ 7.5 meters for each bridge.
  • Service Road (Asphalt Road) width @ 5.5 meters both side along the bridge.
  • Cycle tracks width of 2.2 meters, both sides outside of service road.
  • Footpath (Paving Block) width of 1.8 meters, both sides outside cycle track.
  • Planning of lighting for sufficient light during night time.

Salient Features of Road Way

  • 45.00 meters wide corridor development.
  • Exclusive BRTS cement concrete road.
  • Motor Vehicle – MV Lane (Asphalt Road) width of @ 8.00 meters four lane.
  • Service Road (Asphalt Road) width @ 5.5 meters both side along the bridge.
  • Cycle tracks width of 2.20 meters, both sides outside of MV lane.
  • Footpath (Paving Block) width of 1.80 meters, both sides outside cycle track.
  • Service Road (Asphalt Road) width @ 3.5 to 4.5 meters both side along the corridors with provision of parking.
  • Sodium lighting with 150 & 70 waltz both sides.
  • Provision of Green area along the corridor.

Salient Features of Bus Shelters

  • 18 high quality median Bus Shelters.
  • 900 MM Level boarding bus shelters with wheel chair boarding facility for handicap.
  • Tacktile provision for blind people.
  • Automatic Door System.
  • Passenger Information System.
  • Real time Vehicle Tracking System.
  • Off Board Ticket facility in bus shelter.
  • ATM facility.
  • Advertisement facility for revenue generation.

Total Project Cost

  • Sanctioned Total Project Cost - Rs. 110.00 Crore
  • Fly Over Expense - Rs. 53.48 Crore
  • BRTS Road way Expense - Rs. 103.19 Crore
  • 18 Bus Shelter Expense - Rs. 4.60 Crore
  • Total Expenditure - Rs. 161.28 Crore

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